General information

General Information

  1. a) (i) Year of Foundation ………………………APRIL,1970…………………

(ii) Year of Permission by MCI  ………………In 1978……………………….. (In  respect  of  new  medical  college  please  attach  Letter  of  Intent, Letter         of      Permission      and      Yearly      approval      by      Central Government/MCI).
Management – (Govt./Semi-Govt./Univ./Local Body/Private Trust/Society)


  1. c) (i) Annual Admission 100 (HUNDRED)
    (ii)In  case  of  renewal  of  permission  of  the  medical  college  permitted u/s   10A   of   the   Indian   Medical   Council   Act,           please   give   a   list containing  the  names  of  students,  category  wise,  admitted  during the preceding academic year.
  2. d) Year to year increase (if any)…………………50 + 50 =100…………………… (Year and  number  of  students  admission  permitted  by  MCI  to  be  specified  and copies of the MCI  approval to be attached) LIST  ATTACHED
  3. e) Year of recognition by MCI :

(i)Undergraduate :…………In 1978…………………
(ii) Postgraduate : …Courses started on LOP.
(iii)Last inspection with date :- 14 & 15/01/2014
Sl. No.        Course              Degree/Diploma                       Degree/Diploma                          Degree/Diploma

Permitted by MCI                     recognised by MCI    not permitted/not recognised by MCI


  1. MBBS MBBS (50 Seats Permitted) MBBS (50 seats Recognised)


Name of the Course Recognition status Number Permitted Number admitted last year
MD / MS Recognized




Permitted Recognised
MS, Anatomy 0 03 03
M.S. , E.N.T. 02 02 04
MD,  F.M.T. 0 02 02
M.S., General Surgery 11 04 15
M.D., Obst. & Gynae. 08 03 11
M.S., Orthopedics 04 02 06
MD, Pharmacology 0 04 04
M.D., P.S.M. 0 03 03
M.D., Physiology 0 04 04
M.D., Dermatology 01 02 03
MD, Microbiology 0 02 02
MD, Anesthesia 02 0 02
M.D., General Medicine 09 03 12
MD,  Pediatrics 06 02 08
MD, Biochemistry 0 03 03
43 39 82

(iii)        Qualification not yet recognised : …………………………………………..

Annual Budget

(a) Pay and Allowances ………………… (Pay scales and allowances of various categories of staff i.e. teaching, technical

& administrative Staff) –(Please attach separate sheet).

(b)Contingency : (i) recurring : ………………
(ii)         Non-recurring : …………

Administrative set up for looking after :

(a) Admission :- (Please attach a copy of  the current prospectus of  the college/university/Govt.)


  1. b) Particulars of Dean/Principal :


Full                            Qualifications              Teaching                         Administrative            Part/Full         Scale

Name                         with college,            Experience                      Experience                    time                    of Pay

University                      Designation                  Designation and year                         & duration                    & duration

as Dean/ Principal Professor Reader/Assoc.

Professor Lecturer/Asst. Professor Tutor/Demons.


Dr. Sita Ram Prasad   MBBS                                Assistant Professor     07 yrs 05 Months.               Full Time

MS (Anatomy)                      Associate Professor         07 Yrs 10 Months.               Full Time

Professor                            14 Yrs 06 Months               Full Time

Superintendent                03 Yrs 06 Months               Full Time

Principal                             2 ½ Months                       Full Time

(c)  Accommodation  :  –

(i) Principal/Dean’s office size : 20’ x 20’

(ii)          Staff room size                                                  : 13 Room (12’x10 20’x20’ respectively) (iii) College Council room size : 20’ x 20’

(iv)        Office Superintendent room –size                : 12’x10’

(v)          Office Space Size                                                    : 14,600 Sq. Ft. (vi)        Intercom & Public address                              : Present

system in the college

(vii) Record room size : 12’x10’


(a) Pre-requisites for admission :- I.Sc. ( 10 + 2)

(Botany , Zoology,  Physics , Chemistry & English) (b) Method of selection  :

(i) Strictly on the basis of performance at the qualifying public examination. or

(ii) Competitive entrance examination.   YES

(iii) Minimum percentage of marks for admission to MBBS course. (i) Open Merit  :  50 %

(ii) Reserved categories : 40%

(c)  (i) No. of actual working days :

College   :- All days except Bihar Govt. Holidays

Hospital :- All days.

(ii) Daily working hours : As per MCI  regulations.

(b) year of introduction of  the new curriculum (of 1997) :- Started (As per MCI regulation.


(if it differs from Council recommendations, bring that out clearly)

—————– Number of Subjects                                             Duration of Study

————————————————————————————————— First M.B.B.S.               Anatomy, Physiology & Biochemistry         2Semester(01 year)

Second M.B.B.S.  Pathology, Microbiology, Pharmacology

3Semester(1½ year) & FMT

Final M.B.B.S.            EYE, ENT & PSM                            2Semester (01 year) Part – I
Part – II                        Medicine & its allied subjects      2Semeter( 01 year) Surgery & its allied subjects

Obstetrics & Gynaecology


Practical        Theory             Total

Attendance (Minimum    80%     75% Attendance percentage for

appearing at the Univ. examination :-

Percentage of marks for Internal    20%     (as per MCI regulation) Assessment included in the total
marks of Univ. examination.


(a) Composition  : All Head of the department under the chairmanship of Principal

(b)  Functions : Help & suggestion in Academic activity & administration

(c)   No. of Sessions per year :  12 – 15 sessions


(A)  Layout & floor area

(i) Year & Cost of construction :

(ii) Cost of Equipment and Furniture : (B) Location of  Departments :

Details  attached

(a)  Pre-clinical : Main Building of the college campus

(b)  Para-clinical : Main Building of the college campus

(c) Clinical  : Nalanda Medical College Hospital Campus Agamkuan, Patna, Bihar.

(d)  No. of Lecture theatres  College  Hospital

Number : Four


Gallery  : Step-up-Gallery with four gangways

Level :  04 (Four)

Seating Capacity : 175 x 4

(e)  Type of Audiovisual aids :  OHP, Slide Projector, Multimedia (each lecture theatre) LCD Projector with all accessories

(f)  Auditorium  :   To be started

(Accommodation) (Allotment letter & tender attached)

(g) Examination Hall: 00 (Sitting Capacity)

(h) Common room for – Size 20’x15’

(a)  Boys  :- Available in the college main building

(b)  Girls :-Do-( One new building is under construction started )

Facilities of  attached toilets   :- Present

Present or not

(i) Central Laboratories              :

(1) Staff : Central laboratory in collaboration with Pathology, Microbiology & Biochemistry Deptt.

(2) Equipment : As per requirement

(3) Management of Central &   : Experimental Laboratories

ANIMAL HOUSE   :  Present

Accommodation : Sufficient No. of rooms with size :

04 room for small Animal/ 01

Hall for Sheep / 02 room for

Care taker / 01 room for store/

01 room of visiting veterinary officer.

STAFF  :  One Medical Officer

One Technician

One Animal Keeper

  1. Veterinary Officer : Visiting
  2. Animal Attendants : Yes, Provided
  3. Technician for Animal

Operation Room :  Yes, Provided

  1. Sweepers : Available.


  1. No. of animals kept and bred          : Frogs , Rabbit, Sheep, Guinea Pigs
  2. Facilities for experimental work : Provided and adequate.


(a) Layout and floor area : 1st Floor – 5724 sq.ft.

2nd Floor   – 5724 sq.ft.

3RD Floor  – 5724 sq.ft.

Total 17172 sq. ft.

1st  floor  –  No. 09 (Rooms) Separate toilet & Bathroom.

One for journals, One for Faculty Teachers, One for

Librarian & 06 as a store & Photocopier

2nd  floor  (02 Room & One Big hall (Capacity 150) Separate toilet & Bathroom.

One room for Professor Incharge Library & One room for

PG, Separate toilet & Bathroom

3rd Floor (Not Functioning)      Area –  5724 sq.ft.

Accomodation – 100 Seats.

Layout – One Big Hall, 01 Cubicles for Teacher & Other 01 Cubicles for Teacher

& One Big Computer Lab & Journal Room.

(b) Reading Rooms  : (i) No.:-

(a)  for U.G.  : Available

(b)  for P.G.   : Available

(c)  for Staff   : Available

(ii)  In each accommodation :   Adequate   – Yes

(c) Working hours  : 8 am to 10 pm

(d) No. of shifts  : Two

(e) No. of Books :

(i)  Text : 22223/-

(ii) Reference  :

(f) No. of Journals

Subscribed annually : List  attached

(i)  Indian  (ii)  Foreign

(g) No. of Journals actually received annually : 42

(i) Indian    (ii)  Foreign

(h) No. of Journals with back Numbers :   1120

(i)Indian : (ii)  Foreign

(i) No. of   books purchased during the last 3 years    :

2014 – 2015     –           14011 – 14036             =    26 Gifted

2015 – 2016     –           14037 – 14185            =    149

2016- 2017      –           14186 – 15272            =     1087

Gifted                          15273 – 15293            =       19

2017 – 2018         –     15294-16374       =      973

(J) Staff with qualifications :


Names     Qualifications

  1. Smt, Priyadarshni Sinha, Librarian.
  2. Sri Ray Soumitra Manibhushan, Asstt. Lib.

III. Sri. Ashutosh Kumar, Clerk.

  1. Smt. Shobha Kumari, Clerk
  2. Computer Operator – Santosh Kumar Mishra
  3. Peon – Sri Suresh Prasad Singh

VII. Sweeper – Sri Mishri Ram.

(K) System of Cataloguing  ;

1. Classified catalogue code

Colon classification

(L) Details of facilities available like Medlar, Internet, T.V., V.C.R., Xerox &

Microfilm reading. :- All are Provided . Included in National Knowledge Network. Whether these areas are air-conditioned? : Yes, fully air -conditioned.


(a) Staff  :


Patron  : Dr.(Prof.) Sita Ram Prasad
Hon. Director/Coordinator : Dr. Chandra Shekhar , Prof. & HOD, ENT
Hon. Faculty :   1. Dr. Renu Rohtagi,Assoc. Prof.,Obst & Gynae

  1. Dr. Akhoury P.K.S., Assoc.Prof.,Community Medicine
  2. Dr. A.K.Jaiswal, Assoc.Prof., Pediatrics
  3. Dr. Rajeev Ranjan Sinha,Assoc.Prof., Biochemistry
  4. Dr. Ajay Kumar Sinha, Asstt. Prof., Medicine
  5. Dr. Suman Kumar, Asstt. Prof., PSM

Supportive Staff

Stenographer Mrs. Supriya Upadhyay

Computer Operator

Technicians in Audio-Visuals aids,

Photographer   & Artist.  :- Sri Baidyanath Prasad

(b) Equipment available :- OHP, Slide Projector , Electronic Typewriter Video Camera, Video Cassette Recorder, Computer , Labtope , Multimedia , Xerox Copier & T.V.

(c) Teaching & training material available   : Yes

(d) No. of training courses conducted by

Medical Education Unit  :   1- Vertical Teaching

2- Horizontal Teaching    Regularly Done

3- CME  on monthly basis

(i) Categories of personnel trained : Medical Officer, Para Medical Staff, Nurses & ANM.
* Trained  At  Regional  Medical  Education  Training  Centre  at  Aurobindo Institute   of  Medical  Science,  Indore.

(a)  Co-ordinator trained in Basic Medical

Course and Orientation Programme for co-ordinator. (b)   03 Assoc. Prof. & 08 Asstt. Prof. trained in Basic Medical Education Programme at Regional Medical Education Training Centre at Aurobindo Institute of Medical Science, Indore.

(ii) Number trained in each category

(n) STATISTICAL  UNIT  : Data  Record  Section  in  Hospital

Yes /No.

Composition  :


1) Staff :

2) Equipment

3) Scope of work




Modeler  Sri  Baidyanath  Prasad

Dark Room Assistant

Audio-Visual Technician  Sri Ajay Kumar

Store Keeper Clerk

Attendant : Sanjay Kumar Mahto

(b) Equipment : Camera, Slide Projector, LCD Projector

(in each section)

(c) Type of Control – Central/Department Central

(p)         HEALTH  CENTRES  –  RURAL/URBAN                   R.H.C./P.H.C.            URBAN

——————-              HEALTH I             II           III         CENTRE


(a)          Name of the center                  :             1- PHC – Sampatchak (RTHC) Rajendra Nagar


2- APHC,  Gauharpur.

3- Additional PHC, Noorpur

4- Additional PHC, Madhopur. (b) Location of  each center  :  Patna District.

(c) Population covered by each center : 1. Approx   1,15,130UTHC

  1. Approx 20,070 Approx
  2. Approx 21,785 2,40,000/-
  3. Approx 20,521


(d) Distance from college  :  1- 09 KM

2- 14 KM

3- 12 KM

4- 16 KM UTHC- 02 KM

(e) Transport facilities for                                        :

  1. (i) Students + Interns :

(ii)   Staff  : Available

(iii)  Supportive Staff                                       :

  1. (i) Number of Vehicles  : College Bus – 02, Maxi -01 (ii)  Capacity of  each Vehicle  : 30 x 2 = 6015
  2. Control of Vehicles :-

Departmental   : Central                                           :


(f) Staff of the Centers : List enclosed in Form B of deptt. of Community


(g) Hostel facilities at the Rural Health Centers : Yes

(h) Messing facilities available or not. Yes

(i)Working arrangement/type of control of Health Centres :

(i)Total (Admn. & Financial) control with the college   : Administrative

Control. (ii) Partial (only for training) control


(a) Staff  No.


Sr. Technician

Jr. Technician

As per requirement from various Deptt. repair

Carpenter  : work is being done as per Govt. norms,  by

  • outsourcing.
  • Black smith


(b) Facilities for work


(a) Layout  :One Intern Hostel in Hospital Campus 102   Room

(01 Bed / Room)

One P.G. & House Surgeon Hostel in hospital 54 Room

Lady PG & H.S. Hostel in College Campus. U.G. hostel for boys in girls in college campus.

(b) Distance from the college & Hospital : College & Hospital Campus

(c) Total No. of  rooms & seats                               :

Rooms                                           Seats

Undergraduate  (i)  Boys    55 approx (NBH) 110

62 approx (OCH) : 62

(New  building  with  200  seats  construction  to  be  started)

(ii) Girls    43   100


( New  girls  building  construction  started )

Postgraduate  (i)  Boys   54 (Hospital Campus)

(ii)  Girls    06 x02 (College Campus) = 12

No. of students on the roll  : 50 x 01 sessions

100×04 sessions

Percentage of Students accommodated : As per requirements

(d) Supervisory arrangement   : Warden of Hostels.

(e) Messing & canteen arrangement : Yes, provided

(Dining hall should have accommodation for 25% of  the occupants at a given time).

(f) Availability of visitors room, : Yes, provided reading room TV room and indoor games


(a) Categories : Senior teacher & Junior teachers
(b) Number     : 04  18
(c)  Percentage of Staff

accommodated in each category   :  As per requirement

Residential quarters available in hospital ,  also.


(a) Playgrounds and games played  : Available,  Football, Hockey, Cricket Badminton, Table Tennis, Volleyball Kabbaddi.

(b) Gymnasium facilities and arrangement   :  Construction to be started.

(c) Management : Dr. Prabhat Kumar

Sports Officer/Physical instructor Dr. Shyamdeo Prasad

Shri Baijnath Yadav


(a) Compulsory/Optional : Compulsory

(b) Duration of Training  : 3 days in week

c) Training set up : Yes

(d) Type of certificates  : “C”


(a) Type of Management – Govt./Autonomous/Local body/Private Trust/Society

(b)Owner of the Hospital    –  Govt. of Bihar, Deptt. of Health

(c) Hospital is in possession of  – Bihar Govt.

(d)  Administrative set up                           –

(i)  Particulars of Hospital/Hospitals                :


Name  of     No.  of         No.  of        Name  &  Qualification         Full  time  /  Part  time

Hospital         teaching  special      of  Medical                                   ———————  ——————- Beds          wards        Superintendent              Teaching     Non-               Tel.  No.

Beds/paid                                                                          teaching        O.     /     R.        Fax  No. Beds.

……..……..……..……..……..……..……..……..……..……..……..……..……..……..……..……..……..……. NMCH          500            Teaching    Dr.(Prof) Chandra Shekhar              Full Time          0612-2631159




……..……..……..……..……..……..……..……..……..……..……..……..……..……..……..……..……..……. (ii)               Medical Superintendent’s Office    – Size                  400 sq. ft.

(iii) Principal/Dean’s Office in the Hospital – Size

(iv) Hospital Office space – Size  2144 sq. ft., 4592 sq. ft. = 8880 Sq. ft.

(v) Nursing Superintendent’s Office – Size  400 sq. ft.

(vi) Waiting space for visitors    – Size Waiting space has been separately by all wards & Supdt. office.

(vii)  Enquiry/office – Size 10’x10’

(viii)  Reception area – Size 704 sq. ft.

(ix) Store rooms – No. & Size No. 10 & size 5000 sq.ft.

(x)  Central Medical Record Section – Size 651 sq. ft.

(x)   Linen rooms – No. & Size Provided in all wards separately

(xi) Hospital & Staff Committee Room – Size 200 sq. ft.

(e) Indoor Facilities (in each ward) Is there

(i)  Nurses duty room available with each ward?  YES

(ii) Examination & Treatment Room  YES

(iii) Ward Pantry YES

(iv)  Store Room for linen & equipment  YES

(v)   Resident doctor’s duty room  YES

(vi)  Student’s duty room YES


(a) Medicine  &  allied No.  of   No.  of  Average  bed

Specialties  teaching  units   occupancy/day

Beds (percentage  of

Teaching  beds)

(i) Gen. Medicine   120 + 8    4+1

(ii) Paediatrics  60+30(NICU) 02

(iii) Tuberculosis & 20 01

Respiratory DiseasesMore than 100%

(iv) Dermatology, 10+10  01+01

Venereology & Leprosy

(v)  Psychiatry  10  01

——————————- Total 220 + 48  9+2

(b) Surgery  &  allied No.  of  No.  of Average  bed

Specialities teaching  units   occupancy/day Beds (percentage  of Teaching  beds)

(i) Gen. Surgery 120+10  4+1 including Pediatric Surgery More than 100%

(ii) Orthopedics  6002 (+20 additional beds arranged)

(iii) Opthalmology 2001  More than 100%

(iv)  Oto-rhino-laryngology 2001 More than 100%


Total 220 + 10   8 + 1 More than 100%

(c)Obstetrics  &  ANC  No. of  No.  of  Average  bed Gynecology teaching  units  occupancy/day Beds (percentage  of Teaching  beds)

60                        02                        More than 100%


GRAND TOTAL   500 + 158        19+10  More than 100%


(last 3 yrs) 




(a)  Pay of Staff & establishment           :

(b)  Medicine & Stores :

(c)  Diet

(d)  Non-recurring contingency               :

Sheet  attached


(attach a separate sheet if needed)

Opd Patients (01/01/2012 to 30/12/12) – 3,67,051

Outdoor – Average Daily patient Attendance 1214

(a) Old Patients

(b) New Patients

(c) Total    3,67,051

Indoor  –  

(a) Annual admissions :_ 19958    (01/01/12 to 31/12/12)

(b) Average bed occupancy per day More than 100 % (percentage of teaching beds)


(a) In O.P.D. :- Adequate

(1) All the OPD’s working six days in a week

(2) Plastic Surgery Daily

(3) Cardiology  Tri weekly

(4) Chest & T.B. Daily

(5) Diabetic Clinic Once in a week.

(6) Well Baby Clinic  Daily

(b) In Indoor :- Clinical Classroom   provided in various Deptt.


(a)Central and/or Departments  : Maintenance at both levels

Deptt. wise. and records after discharge or death of patients, finally kept is central record room for future follow up.

(i) For in-patients : Centralised Registration

(ii) For O.P.D.  : Centralised Registration

(b) Staff   : Medical Record Officer  : 01

Statistician  : 01

Coding Clerk   : 04

Record Clerk  : 06

Daftry : 02

Peons  : 02

Stenographer  : 01

(c)System of Indexing  :

Computerized  : Computerized

Manual  :

(d)Follow up service : In central record room staffs are available for follow up.


(a) Whether working : Yes

(b) Accommodation for staff on duty  :-

(a) Doctors :- Provided

(b) Nurses  :- Do

(c) Students :- Do

(d) Other paramedical staff :- Provided

(c) No. of emergency beds in casualty :- 30 ICU Beds  :- 26

(d) Working arrangement of casualty services

(i) No. of casualty medical officers :- All Registrar , RMO / RSO / Asstt. Prof. / Lecturer

(ii) Consultants services :- Yes

(iii) Nature of services :- Emergency & ICU

(iv) Average daily attendance of patients :- 36

(e) Resuscitation services facilities :-

(i) Oxygen supply :- Yes , Available

(ii) Ventilation  :- Yes , Available

(iii) Defibrillator :- Yes , Available

Fully equipped disaster trolleys  :- Yes , Available

(f) Facilities provided    :-

(i) X-ray :- Available

(ii) Operation theatre :- Available

(iii) Laboratory facilities :- Available

(g)  Ambulance service Yes  Number  :-  03  (Three)

(h)   Whether facilities for medico-legal examination exist or not? If yes, whether separate staff is
posted or not.   :- Yes By SOD & Autopsy in FMT Deptt. NMC,Patna.

(i)Posting of interns in casualty – Yes If yes, No. of days


No.                                     Speciality

(a) Central – Yes  ONE  Biochemistry, Microbiology Clinical Pathology

(b)Departmental – Yes Bedside Laboratory   Nine Medicine-01,Surgery-01, Eye-01,ENT-01, Pediatrics 01 Skin & V.D.-01,Ortho-01,

Obst & Gynae-01,Emergency-01

(c) Ward side Laboratory :- Deptt. wise Yes

(a)Total no. of investigations  Bio Clinical Micro Any (Average daily)Chemistry Pathology Biology other

(i) O.P.D.

List  attached

(ii) In-patients

(b)  Staff & Supervision in each Laboratory

(i) Teaching Staff Number : Supervised by Assoc. Prof. of Pathology under guidance of HOD Pathology.

(ii) Non-teaching Staff Number  :

Lab. Technician – 32 :

Lab. Attendent – 68

: O.T. Asstt – 11 contract

(c)Equipment in each laboratory  :- Microscope Hemoglobin meter, Counting Chamber,   Hot air oven, Sterilization Machine, Incubator Centrifuge Machine,

Colorimeter, Autoanalyser and Cell counter machine in central and Emergency Pathology


(1)  Operation theatres   –

(a)  Number :   Major – 09 (Nine) Minor -01,Specialized surgical O.T.-01

(b) Arrangement & Distribution : Surgery, Orhtopaedics, Plastic Surgery- One, Gynae-One, Obstetrics – One, Gynae Septic OT- One, Obstetric Emergency OT- One Emergency OT- One, Ophthalmology OT- One, ENT OT- One Minor O.T.- Surgery, Gynae, ENT,  Ophthalmology & Orthopedics

(c) Equipment : (including Anesthesia equipment) :- All surgical equipments are available. For Anaesthesia all Basic equipments with Boyel’s   App. and Ventilator, Suction App. available.

(d)Facilities available in each O.T.  unit         –


(i) Waiting room for patients Present

(ii) Soiled Linen room Present

(iii) Sterilisation room Present

(iv) nurses duty room Available in each O.T.

(v)  Surgeons & Anaesthetists room –

For Males

For Females

Separate and combined in different O.T. Units

(vi)Assistants room :- Combined with Surgeon’s Room.

(vii)Observation gallery for students   :- N.A.

(viii)Store room :- Present

(ix) Washing room for surgeons & Assistants

(x) Students washing up and dressing up room

(2) Arrangement of Anesthesia

Present combined.

(a) Pre-anaesthetic care : Pre Anaesthetic checkup done one Pre-Operative day in routine cases and as per circumstances in emergency cases.

(b) Nature of anesthesia used : (i) Local Anesthesia

(ii) Intravenous Anaesthesia (Pentothal, Ketamine etc)

(iii) General Anaesthesia – Ether, Halothane (iv) Spinal and Epidural Anaesthesia – Relevant Anaesthesia with controlled ventilation.

(c)  Post-anesthetic care : Provided Pre-operative ward (no. of beds)  : In the respective deptt.

Post-operative ward (no. of beds) : Present and managed by Anaesthetists in

Post Anaesthesia recovery room. Resuscitation facilities and special equipment  : Provided

If any super specialty exists   : Plastic Surgery OT Give details

Intensive Care Area             No. of Beds                  Specialized equipment’s in each

ICU/ICCU :- Provided ICCU 04(Four) in Emergency

(1) Cardio- respiratory resuscitative aids

(ICU) 04 Medicine :- Present laryngoscope, ventilator cardiac central monitors facility, Defibrillator, Nebulizer, ECG machine etc.

I.C.U. of Burn Unit  :- 04 Beds

Surgical intensive care area :- 04 Beds

No. of Beds                  Specialised equipments in each

Paediatrics Intensive    04 (Four)                        Ventillator

Care area                          06 (Six)                         Incubator, Phototherapy

ICU for others like Respiratory, Obstetrics & Gynae, Orthopaedics -04 beds in each Diseases etc.  Deptt.

Labour Room

Clean with number of beds    :      08 (Eight) Septic with number of beds     :    03 (Three)


(a) Radio Diagnosis

No. of rooms & their Size                        : 13       20’x25’ = 03,    10’x12’= 04

12’x12 = 01,      30’x20’= 02

15’x12’= 03,     30’x10’=01

5’x5’=01           6’x5’=02

Machine                        Strength                        Fixed                              Mobile

C.T.Scan                        01                                   01

Ultrasound                     02                                   02

X-ray                              07                                   03                                   01(300ma)



01(C R System)

(b)    Workload per day                                                  Nos. per day

  1. Screening NIL
  2. Radiographics 150/ day + 100 Digital X-ray –          iii.           Special Radiographs                             IVP- 03/day

(for example, Barium and Dye        Barium Studies- 05 / Month studies)      Sinogram – Nil

Rgu / MCU-   02 iv.          Iv.  Ultrasonographs                                     200 / day

  1. C.T. Scans         20 / day
  2. Any other like mammographs etc NIL (c) Protective Measures

Adequate per BARC specification                Adequate

Inadequate           Lead apron. Lead protective Screen


Organization set up

(a) Supervised by whom                     Pharmacist

Staff     :                                                  Pharmacist

(b)         Qualification of pharmacist Incharge :     Diploma in Pharmacy

(c)          No. of other staff :- 11 Pharmacist + 11 Assistant + 289 Nursing staff

(d)         No. of prescription dispensed a day

(i)           Wards :- Depending upon numbers of Patients admitted in wards

(ii)         O.P.D. :- As per patients in OPD


(a) Exclusive or with substeriliation centres also : Central sterilization available .

All OT have additional facilities of sterilization + all wards have sterilization facilities provided.

(b) Equipment scope and inservice arrangement     :High processor steam Autoclave, Boiling water sterilization, Hot Air Oven are provided . In additional formalin Vaporizer and formalin.

(c) volume of work/day  : 35-40 Drum per day working in three shifts.

(d) Arrangement for sterlisation of mattresses & blankets : Laundry Services. (d)         Staff available in CSSD :

Matron                                           :- NIL

Staff Nurses                                       :- Three in each shift

Technical Assistants                         :- Four in each shift

Technicians                                         :- One in each shift

Ward boys                                           :- Five in each shift

Sweepers                                              :- Five in each shift

CENTRAL  LAUNDRY                :  On  contract  mechanised.

(a) Equipment     :

(i) Mechanised   -:  Bulk washing machine, Hydroextractor, Flat & Rolley Steam Press.

(ii)  Manual

(b) Volume of work/day   : Laundry work in performed by contractors.

(c) Staff available :   On contract Supervisor  : Dhobi/Washermen/Women       :Packers                                                         :


(a) Type  :

(i) Electrical  :

(ii) L.P.G. :- YES

(iii) Coal/Wood

(b) Nature of food supplied  :

(c) Daily   No.  of meals  : 365/days

(d)  Percentage of patients provided with free diet : All days

(e) Per capita expenses/day : 50/- (Fifty rupees only)


(a) Type of catering : Building constructed and the process of allotment is in progress.

(b) Whether susidised ?              No

(c) For staff only or for others also : One Counter is working for staff and patients


(a) No.  :   Two

(b) Capacity  :   10 kg/ hr. (c)  Type  :  Electrical


No. of posts sanctioned                              No. in position

  • Nursing Superintendent
  • Dy. Nursing Supdt.
  • Matron
  • Asstt. Nursing Supdt.
  • Nursing sisters
  • Staff Nurses
  • Lab. Technicians
  • Lab Assistants
  • Lab Attendants
  • Ward boys
  • Ward Attendant
  • Safaiwala/Swepers
  • Any other Category
  • List  Attached



Categories   (a) Residents : Sanctioned No. 76   No. provided with quarters :16

(b) House Staff : Sanctioned No.125  No. provided with quarters : 70 (J.R.) 73

Nursing Staff  (i) Sisters : Sanctioned No. 100 No. provided with quarters 02

(ii)          Staff Nurses : Sanctioned No. 143 No. provided with quarters 50

(iii)        Pupil Nurses : Sanctioned No.198No. of provided with quarters All 66 per year

Other Categories Staff:-

Class IIIrd – 40

Class IV – 72

Percentage of staff provided with quarters……………44………………….    Teaching……………25…………………..             Non-teaching


Present/ Absent Present- functioning Result   of   examination   –   given   number   and   percentage   of   passes   during proceeding  years

YEAR                                                                                 YEAR                                                                               YEAR

REGULAR                          SUPPLEMENTARY                REGULAR                       SUPPLEMENTARY             REGULAR                             SUPPLEMENTARY

  1. %AGE NO.           %AGE           NO.       %AGE      NO.         %AGE           NO.          %AGE        NO.       %AGE

YEAR 2012

(a) First Professional : 111  ‐ 89%

(b)  Second Professional  : (c) Final Professional                    :

(a)          Part I                                :   42 – 100%                 NIL

(b)         Part II                               :   50 – 86%                    08 – 100%


(a) Period in each Department/discipline  :As per MCI regulation

(b) Period of posting in a Rural Health Centre/Primary

Health Centre/Urban Health Centre   : As per MCI regulation

(c) Method of assessment (Please attach a copy of the log book/assessment sheet)

(d) Whether MBBS degree is conferred only after successful completion of 12 months compulsory rotating internship.   Yes


1.Yearly research publications by the teaching staff     : In  form  “B”  of  diff.  deptts.

Ist Year           IInd Year       IIIrd Year

National journals (No.)                           International journals (No.)                       (during the last 3 years) Ist Year  IInd Year       IIIrd Year

  1. National Seminars/Conferences conducted by the Institution in the last 3 years
  2. National Awards/recognition received by the college Faculty       :
  3. Any associated Institutions/Training courses :             Yes                      No.
  4. If yes, No. of Admissions/Yrs. (i)           Dental

(ii) Nursing  66 per year

(iii) Pharmacy

(iv) Physiotherapy

(v) Lab Technician  15 per year

(vi) Any other

For  the  medical  colleges  which  are  running  other  courses  as  mentioned above   besides   the   undergraduate   courses   leading   to   MBBS,   they   will   be required   to   have   extra   staff,   space,   laboratories   and   equipment’s   as   per   the norms laid down by the bodies governing such courses.

  1. Total No. of PG students                                                  No. of students admitted

Admitted yearwise (in previous                                    ——————————

3 years) (please attach separate               Ist Yr.          IInd Yr.            IIIrd Yr. statement)                                                   Dip./Degree   Dip./Degree   Dip./Degree


(i) (ii) (iii) (iv)

List  attached

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